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17:13 / 22.03.2014  
Regarding the events of March 13th in Donetsk, when one of the participants of the peaceful protest died, 11 people have already been detained, 8 of whom have been arrested, while 3 have still to be sentenced.
16:13 / 22.03.2014  
Today, March 22th, at least 1,5 thousand pro-Russian activists are protesting in Lenin square.
16:13 / 22.03.2014  
There are many myths circulated in the Eastern part of Ukraine due to Russian propaganda and support of local media outlets.
14:48 / 21.03.2014  
Mikhail Morozov resigned from the post of chairman of State Service of Export Control of Ukraine as affirmed by the Decree of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine as of June 23 according to the official website of the Cabinet.
18:18 / 20.03.2014  
The development of trade in Ukraine is often hampered by inconsiderate and emotional top decisions.
11:06 / 15.03.2014  
The Donbas News collected feedback from members of the public in Donetsk regarding the events in the city.
21:32 / 14.03.2014  
In Donetsk’s hospital 4 people injured during yesterday’s clashes. One on them is now in critical conditions. .
21:28 / 14.03.2014  
Dear Friends, my name is Gevelev Aleksandr and I would like to tell you about what happened on March 13 th on a Donetsk Square. .
16:09 / 14.03.2014  
Prosecutor General of Donetsk Region Nikolay Frantovskiy claims that police acted in accordance with the situation during yesterday’s deadly clashes in the city.
00:51 / 14.03.2014  
Sergey Shtukarin, executive director of the Center for Political Studies, expressed his view of the situation in the region on the web-site of his institution.
00:33 / 14.03.2014  
In Donetsk, a man died during clashes between pro-Russian activists and participants of a meeting in support of the unity of Ukraine. .
17:29 / 13.03.2014  
When the new government came, new disaffected people appeared. Rallies to support Russia and Putin stormed in Donetsk.
22:59 / 11.03.2014  
National security officers in Donetsk region have to stabilize the situation in the region in 10 days.
22:54 / 11.03.2014  
In Donetsk an intelligence officer from the Main Russian Intelligence Administration was arrested, Radio Svoboda reports, with a reference to the facebook page of Arsena Avakova, the Minister of Domestic Affairs.
21:41 / 09.03.2014  
The entire day journalists of “Novosti Donbassa” were providing live coverage of events from Donetsk “hot spots”.
20:36 / 09.03.2014  
Pro-russian activists seized the building of Luhansk Region Administration and are now demanding to conduct a referendum on March 16th in order to join the Russian Federation, reports the OstroV journalist from Luhansk.
16:03 / 09.03.2014  
The event took place under a massive security control. There was no violation of the order.
15:58 / 09.03.2014  
Klitchko in Donetsk laid flowers at Shevchenko, dropped a crown of flowers and stood against the intervention of the Russian Federation in Ukraine. .
13:46 / 09.03.2014  
The leader of the political party UDAR (Ukrainian Democratic Alliance for Reforms), Vitaly Klitchko, has stated that “now a big information war is going on”.
00:10 / 09.03.2014  
At the pro-Russian rallies, that took place in March in Donetsk, the former leader of “Shield of Moscow” was often seen.