Governor said: "the Forces" of the Region could not prevent the seizure of Donetsk Region State Administration (DRSA)

10:50 / 07.03.2014 — Новости Донбасса

The seizure of DRSA was possible also because the main regional  "forces" could not react to the occurred situation adequately , especially to act for its prevention, as stated by Sergiy Taruta the Governor of DRSA.
"The police was demoralized. And who does inspire them with? The commanding officer. And the commander  could not explain and lead". - Sergiy Taruta said.

Yesterday the DRSA Governor initiated the urgent change of the regional police office chief and the regional chief of SBU (Security Service of Ukraine).

"I discussed with all Governmental Authorities raising voices. But that was the last discussion", - so Sergiy Taruta  depicted  to Ministers of Foreign Affaires the approving procedure of candidate for the new regional police chief office. He is sure that today every decision, including any regular officers or clerks appointments, must be done  instantly".

For information: 5.03.2014 the Ministry of Internal Affaires of Ukraine  appointed the police General-Major  Konstantin Pozhidayev to the new chief of Main Police Office in Donetsk Region.

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