Situation in the Donetsk Streets will be normal still today - said the Governor

10:52 / 07.03.2014 — Новости Донбасса

During two weeks the situation in Donetsk will change totally - said Sergiy Taruta the Governor of Donetsk Region State Administration (DRSA), answering the questions of foreign journalists on Thursday, as reported DRSA Press-Service.
"Just now you can see that around DRSA Building there have been taken away the tents as well as has been cleared the territory by the municipal service", - noticed the Governor.

In Sergiy Taruta's opinion in order to reach the peace and consolidation in the Region, Authorities should answer the questions of those people , who has another point of view, that is very important.

"And then the people feel the changes, that will assist us to make the transformations", - emphasized the Governor.
Sergiy Taruta also answered the question who has financed the people which seized the DRSA Building the day before.
"I am no any detective and it is complicated for me to say who has financed them, but I was said they were financed in big volume, confirmed by police", - said Sergiy Taruta.

By that the Governor emphasized, that is important today to root out this problem, and the effective work of police is essential in this direction.

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