Several Thousands of People Attend a Demonstration in Mariupol to Call for Referendum

21:14 / 08.03.2014 — Новости Донбасса

Today, March 8, at 10:00 a demonstration was held. It started off near the Drama Theater. Chanting "Referendum, "Gubarev" the residents of Mariupol marched along on Lenin Avenue. The demonstration was organized by the Communist Part, joined by the representatives of the anti-fascist committee, according to the website

On March 8, at 10:00 near the Drama Theater on the Lenin Avenue, city residents gathered to a demonstration that was organized by the Anti-Fascist Committee of Mariupol, city's communists, and the communities of Russian Frontier and Russian Union of Donbas. Some several thousands people, followed by the policemen, responsible for public order,  and moved to the Lenin monument. People were carrying poster and chanting anti-fascist slogans, expressing their support for Berkut, calling for "Referendum", "Freedom to Gubarev", "No to EU", "No to NATO", "No to the power of oligarchs", "Forever with Russia".

Greetings to women were delivered on the Lenin Avenue on the occasion of the holiday.

Afterwards the organizers addressed the demonstrators with the following pleas: "Condemn the activity of the nationalist organizations", "Undertake the referendum on federalization," "Defend the right of the residents of Donetsk region in determining their own choice between either Customs or European Union," "Express our distrust to the deputies of the city council of Mariupol, who do not support their voters, refusing to participate in the demonstration and condemn the pressing problems","Strop threats of laying off workers of the enterprises participating in the demonstrations for express their will," "Prohibit the legalization of the armed wing of the Right Sector," "Welcome the cooperation with Russia," "Condemn plans for Ukraine to join NATO", "Conduct full investigation of the provocations with snipers, shooting at the protesters and Berkut, which resulted in multiple deaths on both sides, find and punish the responsible ones".

"Refuse from participation in all forms of disorder or participate in all kinds of provocations such as "burning property, assaulting citizens etc."

The demonstration was well organized, without incidents. The order was assured by the organizers of the demonstrators and policemen.

The demonstrators gathered by means of social networks and announcements.

They stated that they had tried to invite the city mayor Yuri Hotlubey. Four deputies from the city council came to the square to speak at the demonstration.

The demonstration ended around 12:00.

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