Russian citizens continue to rally in Donetsk as to Donbass secession

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At the pro-Russian rallies, that took place in March in Donetsk, the former leader of “Shield of Moscow” was often seen. 

Often he was not far from the leader of the so-called “people's militia of Donbass” Pavel Gubarev, who was arrested on March 7 on suspicion of separatism. In particular, he was seen on 5th of March at the Donetsk Regional Administration building during his assault, as well on 8th of March, at Lenin Square during a rally of pro-Russian and leftist forces.

“A lot of freedom here. Moscow would have all packed on paddy” - shared with a reporter on 5th of March 5 on his impressions of Ukraine Hudyakov.

On September 2013 Hudyakov participated in the raid on the identification of migrants in one of the dormitories. The action turned into a fight with the shooting, which was opened by one of the residents. Hudyakov helpful remand on charges of hooliganism released under an amnesty, which concerned and Pussy Riot, environmentalists and Greenpeace.

“The Shield of Moscow” is fighting for illegal migration in Russia. Many believe this organization is nationalist one. Khudyakov was a prosecution witness in the so-called “Manezhny case” for unrest in Moscow in 2010.

Earlier in the pro-Russian rallies in Donetsk was seen member of the political party "Other Russia" Rostislav Zhuravlev.

Khudyakov in court (photo:

Alexey Khudyakov is drinking coffee after the meeting (far right)

In this car activist and his friends went away from the demonstration

That's how ”Shield of Moscow” is conducting raids

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