Klitchko was in Donetsk

15:58 / 09.03.2014 — Новости Донбасса

Klitchko in Donetsk laid flowers at Shevchenko, dropped a crown of flowers and stood against the intervention of the Russian Federation in Ukraine.

The leader of the political party UDAR (Ukrainian Democratic Alliance for Reforms), Vitaly Klitchko, named the current events in Ukraine “intervention”. He stated this in Donetsk while holding a press conference today.

“The violation of international treaties, in the moment when Ukraine gave up nuclear weapons – the signatory countries of those treaties – Russian Federation, Great Britain, the United States of America, France, China engaged to guarantee non-aggression of Ukraine. Today those countries have to say two crucial words. The current conflict and aggression have to be solved. We cannot allow bloodshed to be the solution”, Klitchko stated.

The politician thinks that in Donetsk live a great number of Russian citizens, that’s why it is crucial to have a correct information policy. “The information in the Russian mass media is mere brainwashing propaganda.  They release distorted information, it is important to talk with people and that’s my task, to inform them about the main constituents. Today does not matter what language you speak, what region you live in, nationality does not matter. The real issue is whether you love your country or not –this is crucial... The main concern for each of us is the maintenance of stability”, he said.

Klitchko thinks that it is necessary for the authority to gain back trust.

Before the press conference got started Klitchko laid flowers at the monument of Shevchenko in honour of the 200th anniversary since the poet’s birth.

Photo/video reports is available on the following link.

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