The authorities of Donetsk region don’t want a referendum and they opposed “foreign scenarios” – video report

16:03 / 09.03.2014 — Новости Донбасса

The representative of Donetsk regional Parliament Andrey Shishatskiy together with the mayor of the city, Aleksandr Lukyanchenko took part in the ceremonial flower-laying at the monument of Taras Shevchenko in Donetsk. The representative of the regional state administration Sergey Taruta was not present. The event took place under a massive security control. There was no violation of the order.

Andrey Shishatskiy declared “I believe in common sense, people of Donetsk, peaceful people, I believe that the authority won’t allow any scenario, and there must be peace in the territory of Donetsk region… Today the legislation of Ukraine do not contemplate local referendum.. “Foreign scenarios” here, in Donetsk, are not needed”.

Aleksandr Lukyanchenko stated that “My task is to maintain peace in the town, not to summon people in opposite fight-lines, brothers against brothers, Ukrainians against Ukrainians.. In the demonstrations and in the squares the problems of the civil society cannot always be solved. And they do not always bring the expected benefits. We could start a civil war, but I don’t want it… I think that peace is better. And my task is to provide a normal functioning of the city, of the services, for the citizens to have warmth, light, for the shops to have products, for the bank system to work properly”.

Photo/video reports is available on the following link.

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