National security officers have to stabilize the situation within 10 days - governor

22:59 / 11.03.2014 — Новости Донбасса

National security officers in Donetsk region have to stabilize the situation in the region in 10 days.

Today, March 11, Sergey Taruta, the chairman of Donetsk regional state administration declared at a department meeting.

We understand that the last time the social, political and civil situation got more complicated because of many different reasons. The shocks Ukraine went through during the last three months strongly affected the mood of our people in Donbass and our main task now is to change a situation, together with all of you. I think that we did not manage as we should have, we did not go out to people, did not explain our position, that’s why we now have to cope with this situation, with Russian flags all over the town. It’s not a good picture at all. - Taruta said.

Taruta thinks that now the main goal is to stabilize the situation. And “regarding all those who break the law, and all those who have been violating the law lately, every single violation has to be adequately evaluated by the  police".

The governor reminded about personnel changes within the security services. In particular, the heads of the Security Service Department of Donetsk region were replaced and the heads of the Main Department of the Minister of Domestic Affair of Ukraine in Donetsk.

Today we can already breathe more easily, we can walk without fear. And the task of the national security service will be to make the situation in Donetsk stable within the next 10 days, said Taruta.

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