Donetsk Region Prosecutor General: "Police acted in accordance with the situation during yesterday's clashes"

16:09 / 14.03.2014 — Новости Донбасса

Prosecutor General of Donetsk Region  Nikolay Frantovskiy claims that  police acted in accordance with the situation during yesterday’s deadly clashes in the city. Police actions were coordinated by the deputy head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Municipal Department in Donetsk.

Frantovskiy alleged that he “had not been informed” of the name of the official. It is known, however, that the position of deputy head of the MIA Department in Donetsk is held by Nikolay Kriuchenko.
When asked whether any measures are being taken to investigate the local authorities’ lack of actions as regards prevention of unlawful rallies in the city, Prosecutor General failed to provide an adequate answer.

“As for the preventive measures of the Office of Prosecutor General. We did not have time to implement any. And I do not know the names of the officials under investigation. I do not know who is responsible for this at the City Council or the city’s Executive Committee.” - said Frantovskiy.
According to Prosecutor General, when applications for staging a rally are made to local authorities, such documents do not contain open separatist slogans and cannot be banned.

“Those separatist slogans come later, initially you do not see any calls for a referendum or separatism in official applications to local authorities.” - said Frantovskiy.

In his opinion, last night law-enforcement officials in Donetsk acted in accordance with the situation.
“Police officers are afraid to [fully] perform their duties for a number of reasons. They are afraid to cross the line between what is permitted or not. In two days it is impossible to completely change the police structure. We are currently working on recruiting new officials for senior positions in police force” - added the Prosecutor.

On March 13, 300 policemen and members of other law-enforcement agencies were deployed to maintain civil order in the streets of Donetsk during a Ukrainian unity rally from 6 till 7 p.m.  Simultaneously, a rally of pro-Russian forces took place, which ended in a violent confrontation between the protestors.

According to the information from medical sources, Dmitry Cherniavskiy, a 22-year old resident of Donetsk, died of stab wounds in the ambulance; 26 people were injured and treated by the medics; 4 people were admitted to hospital.

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