13 March: In Donetsk’s hospital 4 people injured and 1 man died

21:32 / 14.03.2014 — Новости Донбасса

In Donetsk’s hospital 4 people injured during yesterday’s clashes. One on them is now in critical conditions.

As a result of yesterday's clashes on Donetsk's Lenin Square between the participants of a meeting for Ukrainian unity and activists of pro-Russian organizations, 26 injured people sought medical treatment.

During today's briefing, Elena Petryaeva, the acting vice president and director of the National Health Institute of Donetsk’s regional administration, commented on the matter.

As a result of the events on Lenin square, according to official data, one person died, said Petryaeva, thus disproving some mass media accounts which claim several deaths during the clashes.

“According to official data, one man died. The body of the deceased is now at the Bureau of forensic medical examination. An autopsy will be performed today in the presence of prosecutors and police. According to an initial examination, he has bruises around his face and hands. Examiners also discovered a puncture wound from a sharp instrument in the region of the subclavian right artery,” said the acting vice president of the Regional State administration.

Petryaeva also said that 4 people are currently hospitalized in other regional medical institutions. Of the four, one is in the regional trauma ward, while three are in a clinic of Donetsk region's Clinical Territorial Medical Association.

“One patient is in critical condition and has undergone an operation. Two patients have been hospitalized with brain contusions and their condition is now classified as moderately critical,” continued Elena Petryaeva, adding that the fourth patient, located at the regional trauma ward, has been diagnosed with a wound on his forehead.

Elena Petryaeva emphasized that, for now, all necessary help seems to have been given to all the injured who are currently in the city hospitals. They have been provided with all medicine.

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