Eight pro-Russian activists are arrested in Donetsk

17:13 / 22.03.2014 — Новости Донбасса

Regarding the events of March 13th in Donetsk, when one of the participants of the peaceful protest died, 11 people have already been detained, 8 of whom have been arrested, while 3 have still to be sentenced. The chief of the Regional Administration of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Konstantin Pozhidaev, made the announcement on Friday, March 21st. NBN reports about it.

“Regarding the issue about the death of the young man, a group of people have been detained, I think that soon we will have a press conference with the regional prosecutor, then we will be able to tell more details about who it was and how it was,” stated the chief of the regional Administration, Pozhidaev on air on “1+1”.
He underlined that at the moment all the arrested people in Donetsk are from the region. According to information from the head of the regional administration of the Interior Ministry, they are citizens from the region—there is no so called “political tourism”.

Moreover he promised to summon soon those people who organize and finance separatist meetings in the Donetsk region.

“This information is not being restricted, and I think that soon we will be able to tell you more about it and we will neatly react to all these tendencies: who pays and how the financing of these meetings takes place” he said.

We remind the reader that, on March 13th, as a consequence of the pro-Russian protesters attacking the participants of the action “For a united Ukraine”, one man died and 28 were injured.

At the moment, authorities determined the identity of the offender, nicknamed “The Executioner,” who stabbed to death the activist.

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